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  Premier Irrigation Adritec ISO 9001:2000
Premier Irrigation® is the pioneer manufacturer of modern water saving irrigation systems and equipment in India. In 1965 when the Green Revolution had brought higher yielding seed varieties Premier introduced sprinkler irrigation to save water and irrigate more land. The days of food shortage were over and Indian agricultural has never looked back.

The pioneering work included demonstrations and trials and convincing governments to assist farmers to become self sufficient in irrigation through loans and subsidy. This was the start of the subsidy programme that has helped millions of Indian farmers to economic betterment. Subsidy is sometimes contentious but needs to be looked at in the context of enabling farmers to manage his own water, which they will do far more efficiently than is possible with dams, canals and surface distribution.

Premier developed rugged, high pressure capable sprinkler and piping systems for plantations which have helped tea plantations in North East India and tea, coffee and cardamom plantations in South India iron out the vagaries of nature and produce higher returns.

As Indian agriculture developed and particularly horticulture became more significant we introduced our drip irrigation range. Again in the pioneering spirit which drives us we were the first to manufacture an inline product and for a time we were the only manufacturer of both cylindrical and flat emitter inline products.

In 2008 the irrigation assets of Premier Irrigation® were transferred to a new company in which Adritec Group International (AGI) has a minority interest and known as Premier Irrigation Adritec™ (PIAL).

AGI headquartered in Bahrain have extensive interests in irrigation equipment manufacturing, marketing and distribution in Jordan, Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Central America, South Africa and now India. Adritec established in 1983 specialises in drip irrigation and has factories in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Greece, Mexico and South Africa.

Today we offer an extensive range of irrigation products and more importantly complete systems designed with our many years of experience and installed and serviced by experts. Since we manufacture both sprinkler and drip systems we are in a position to give unbiased advice on what would suit any particular circumstances. Our Technical Centre is at your disposal for advice.
Consider sprinklers for:
Field and forage crops
Tea and coffee plantations
Where lowest capital cost/investment is important
Income potential is limited
Portability and installation flexibility are important
For farmers starting on the irrigation ladder to betterment
Where maintenance skills are limited
Where a microclimate needs to be established
Consider drip for:
Horticultural and high value crops
Yield and income potential are high
Where the ultimate in water economy is sought
Where precise water management is needed
Labour is limited
For relatively poor quality water
Good maintenance skills are available
Where soluble fertilisers will be used
For more specific advice contact our Technical Services at: sales@pial.in
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